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USN deck helmet, modified to summer flying helmet


Naval aviators and Marine pilots in WWII often wore rigger modified deck helmets as procurement and availability of official new pilot equipment in the vast southern Pacific area proved to be difficult and slow, for obvious reasons. Arguably, some flyers might have chosen such alternate equipment also for the reason of wearing comfort.


This unlined specimen has been equipped with additional goggle retaining straps and hard brown rubber earphone cups, reinforced with a chamois covering.

The volcano shape was intended to improve reception quality by amplifying the sounds received. The cups accommodate a set of TH-37 receivers with Y-cords and a NAF. 215285-2 plug.

Instead of a leather chin cup like on the M-450, this unmarked

modified cotton deck helmet is equipped with an adjustable cloth chin strap.


Willson Mk IV flying goggles


Using the same lenses (this specimen is equipped with green ones) and face cushion as the AN6530, the successor of the Willson Mk II featured a two section frame with streamlined vents with a simpler hinge, thus facilitating wartime mass production.


The goggle strap is marked "J. BRENNAN" while the face cushion bears an illegible, mainly erased writing in front.


Ancora 1
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