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M-450 summer flying helmet


Helmets, Summer, Aviators
Manufacturer B - G Inc.

Size 7

Bu. Aero. U.S. NAVY

Specification M-450

Contract No. NXS - 1008


This comfortable lightweight helmet made of unlined tan cotton was the most widely used WWII naval flying helmet. Using the same pattern as the NAF 1092S summer flying helmet, it was equipped with a chamois-lined leather chin cup.

It was issued without provision for communication equipment, but earphone receivers in various configurations or oxygen attachment devices could later be obtained from existing stocks on site and fitted by the wearer or his rigger.


This specimen is stencilled NAS Olathe, 16, Maintence

"Maintence" is an old fashioned term for maintenance.


Naval Air Station Olathe (KS) opened on October 1, 1942 and was used for the Naval Air Transport Service (NATS) and Naval Air Primary Training Command (NAPTC) which had been operating out of Fairfax Airport.

Future astronaut John Glenn was in the first class to be trained at the base and he was to make his first solo flight in a military plane from the base. (source: wikipedia)


Welco flying goggles by Welsh Optical Co.


These goggles are very similar to the American Optical Skyway goggles and were available commercially. The black painted metal frames with seperate tan painted sponge rubber eye cushions were designed to acommodate standard Air Corps lenses. The crew in front, wearing the manufaturer's logo, was used to adjust the with of the bridge.


The goggle strap is ink-marked G181.2


HB-7 / NAF 48490-1 headset


This headset combines a HB-7 headband with NAF 48490-1 black rubber/chamois earphone cups, Western Electric and Radio Speakers Inc.  ANB-H-1 receivers. This new NAF earphone cup design was developed in 1943 after a lengthy experiment and research phase and was to be installed as a standard in Army and Navy flying helmets and headsets, combining improved wearing comfort and noise insulation. 

Such headsets would primarily be used in large, multi-crew aircraft like transports, flying boats and bombers.






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