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NAF 1092S


NAF 1092S summer flying helmet


Manufacturer Slote & Klein

Contract NXs-9677

Size 7 7/8


Wearing the Naval Aircraft Factory designation NAF 1092S (under its more familiar USN spec. number M-450 this variant was produced in large numbers) this is the summer version of the standard issue flying helmet for US naval aviators and Marine Corps pilots between 1937 and 1943, the NAF 1092.  Using the same pattern, but without fold-down peak and drawstrings, this helmet was constructed of unlined tan cotton. Round velvet pads aka "powder puffs" are sewn to the inside for noise reduction and wearing comfort. Attached oyster grey pressed leather earcups accommodate  Telephonics TH-37 receivers. Two press studs and an attachment hook were fitted to accommodate an (A-14) oxygen mask.


The helmet is stencilled "39" on the front and bears the handwritten name "Mac"



Willson Mk. II flying goggles


The Mk. II goggles are very similar to the AN6530, designed for the same lenses and using virtually identical frames and cushions (two-piece for early specimen, chamois backed one-piece for late models). The bridge, instead, is completely different and is clearly marked Mk II Pilot.

The frames are marked Patented Chas Fisher Spring Co. Brooklyn N.Y.


Ancora 1
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