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Except for the supplemental boom mike bracket, the initial configuration of the HGU-55 during its introduction in the mid-end of the 1980's represented standard issue.


The HGU-55 replaced the Gueneau 316 and the Protection, Inc. DH-151.


There was not a real evaluation, the HGU-55 deemed the best option regarding system compatibility with the just introduced Northrop F-5E Tiger II.

During the evaluation for a "Lightweight" helmet to be provided to jet pilots held in the late 1980s, the HGU-55 was considered as a benchmark against the tested helmets, the prototype S-00x,  TITLIS TFC, ZEUS C, and the H-ATS. None of the above helmets had any substantial advantages over the HGU-55, which remained and is still in service today.   


The installation of double visors and related oversize visor stops took place at a later stage.

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