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In order to solve the Gueneau 316  problems (tendency of the helmet to scratch the canopies due to its weight during high-"G" manoeuvres) , a kit of leather pads was fitted to the helmet's shell.


The pads, made of the same grey leather used for the "Pilotenjacken" (pilot jackets), were glued to the helmet shell, effectively covering the top metallic grommets/eyelets and the visor knobs.


Small round neoprene pads were also applied in front and aft of the visor mechanism mounting plates, and below the two top/centre (unpunched) leather pads.


The solution was not completely satisfactory, thus the service life of the 316 was put to an early end. While still being issued as "on loan" helmets for student pilots on Pilatus PC-7's  in the late 1980's, it was operationally replaced by the DH-151 respectively the  HGU-55/P.

More on tested and the Swiss Gueneau 316 HERE

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