The Titlis helmet is a rather interesting item.


The manufacturer, "Titlis Fiber Composites Ltd." active since 1970 and located in Ennetbürgen, Canton Nidwalden, ceased activities

in 1990.


Looking for a “light helmet” bound to replace the “problematic” Gueneau 316, Two Titlis  (#2 and #3) were flight tested and evaluated by the end of the 80s with other two competitors, the Gueneau ZEUS and the Gentex H/ATS. 


To our knowledge, at least three Titlis were built, fitted with a Dräger  P/N 787665-667 oxygen mask.


The helmet was evaluated positively in terms of comfort and balance, however a number of snags were present:

the major one its weight - the highest of the three competitors; the awkward command mechanism of the double visors and, due to the oxygen mask hose routing, a certain determent to turn the pilot’s head to the left.      


Proto #1 (the one pictured here) was probably a Proof of Concept and never flew.