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The complete helmet designation is DH-151 PA-594-BAMF-1.

BAMF stands for "Bundesamt für Militärflugplätze" (Federal  Agency for Military Airfields), which managed all aspects - technical and operational - of the Swiss AF.

As the planned replacement for the "problematic" Gueneau 316, it was firstly issued to F-5E/F Tiger II pilots, configured with a standard PRU-36 double visor kit.

The same helmet model was also provided to Mirage III pilots, nevertheless, because the upper initiating handle of the Mirage's Martin Baker Mk. 4 ejection seat could interfere with the standard double visor assembly, a locally designed and differently shaped visor cover was fitted.

Those helmets, available to pilots with or without nape strap, had all their components painted at the factory in "Pearl White" color.

A first series of custom made helmets were issued completely assembled, with the pilot name stencilled on the rear side. Later helmets were assembled with spare (not named) shells. 

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