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The second operative version of the Swiss AF H-5, as it was used on jets provided with ejection seatlike the DH.100 Vampire,  DH.112 Venom and Hawker Hunter, .


Prior to that SAF pilots flew their jets wearing British C-Type or Swiss "Stoffhauben" , combined with H-Type or A-14 oxygen masks.

Compared to the "standard" H-5 , here is a list of  the implemented Swiss modifications:

White livery applied (1958-1959) over the original gold one, in order to mitigate and reflect solar radiation/ avoid heat build-up;


Installation of a British "Visor, Anti Glare, MK-2";


Left side oxygen mask "snap on" fittings leather pad reshaped in order to optimize  A-14 mask installation. The mask were fitted with a supplemental diluter valve


A-13 A oxygen masks were  also used on this version of  the H-5; 


Six pole communication plug compatible with aircraft British         standard communication systems;


Rear communication cable exit fitted with a supplemental leather hose in order to bend and guide the cable to the left; 


Omission of boom mike "banana mount" due to "jet only" utilisation.

For more information on the Swiss H-5, click  here.

A-13 P-16.jpg

H-5 and A-13 onboard a P-16 fighter bomber prototype.

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