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In an effort to reduce the effect of sun and heat under a perspex canopy, the Swiss designed this wired cloth summer helmet for pilots flying aircraft not equipped with ejection seats.

Its unlined lightweight construction of thin, white cotton is roughly based on the pattern used with the British C-Type helmet with an additional neck flap inspired by the D-Type tropical helmet.

The earphones are sewn into cloth ear pockets with the cord exiting at the back, passing through a pocket above the neck and guided through a snap-secured white leather loop behind the right ear.

The oxygen mask can be attached by means of snap fasteners on the left and a hook on the right.

The oxygen mask microphone (or throat microphone, when oxygen supply is not needed) is attached to the helmet by a two-pole socket behind the left ear. Soft white leather is used for the chin strap and the two rear goggle strap retainers, all buttoned up on one side and buckled on the other side. 

Fitted to this specimen are a MS22001 oxygen mask with supplemental diluter valve and a pair of  American Optical sunglasses.   




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