During the years, Swiss AF used the Type MS22001 oxygen mask, according to its use, in different configurations: 

- As demand/ economizer oxygen mask with supplemental inlet valve, basically for lower altitude operations:  

- As pressure demand oxygen mask, for higher altitudes operations:  

- With different kind of suspensions and connectors, as the ubiquous MC-3 and the less common AMP suitable for Mirage III:  

- Configured for specific aircraft oxygen system as for the DH-115 Vampire Trainer, Pilatus P.2 or FFA C-3605 ( the "Röhrli" version):  

Masks with a magnetic (electret) microphone installed were identified by a blue adhesive tape glued to the connector with the inscription "M-MIK".


- Configured for a  specific helmet, as for the Gueneau 316:  

The MS22001 had a long service life, below a 1980's issue with a new model of supplemental inlet valve and J-bayo.  

Right - The modified L/H oxygen mask bayonet. The end rivet is drilled out, a threaded insert is applied, and a locking pin is installed. The pin goes into the (also modified) helmet's bayonet receiver and is locked in position by a spring loaded bracket.

To unlock the bayonet the bracket must be pushed outwards.

For a description of the MS22001 mask please click HERE