HUNTER Mk.58 PILOT ,1976



This major of the UeG (Überwachungsgeschwader) is shown getting ready for his planned mission during a cold winter day of 1976. He is wearing a model 1950 flight suit (“Pilotenkombi 50”), model 1963 flight boots (“Pilotenschuhe 63”), a cold weather sweater model 1975 ("Tricot 75")  and a modified CSU-13A/ P anti-g garment.

A pair of  F-343 sunglasses (Swiss made copy of American Optical sunglasses, with improved frame) completes the equipment .

On the chair, leaning on his cardboard box, a Gentex/ Sportex H-5 helmet fitted with MS22001 oxygen mask and a leather pilot jacket ("Pilotenjacke").




The turtleneck sweater ("Tricot 75") is still in use, issued in more modern materials, in all Swiss Army services and bears the nickname of "Gnägi" because it was adopted during Mr. Rudolf Gnägi's (member of Swiss Federal Council from 1966 to 1979)  tenure of the Military Department in 1975.





The Swiss Pilotenjacke was of the same model as the one used by the German Air Force, modified with the grade insignia holder common to all Swiss AF pilot gear. STRIWA is a well known German manufacturer of leather goods.

Below and above the insignia holder the stitching holes of the small (below) and big (above) nametags are visible.