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Type B-6 winter flying helmet


This was the logical successor to the earlier Type B-5. Standardized in December 1941 it underwent several modifications during its production life.

Constructed of shearling with a brown finish, the B-6 initially featured hook attachments for the Type A-9 oxygen mask. Around 1942, with the arrival of the A-10R (revised) and Type

A-10A oxygen masks, these helmets were now produced with snap attachments, while earlier production specimen were modified to later specifications.

The B-6 was officially replaced  by the AN-H-16 in 1943.

Type A-10A oxygen mask


Oxygen mask, Type A-10A

Size M

Manufacturer: Acushnet Inc., May 1944

Specification No.: 3134A


With the shortcomings of the Type A-10 / A-10R (Revised) mask recognised and production of the Type A-14 initially being slow, the improved type A-10A was adopted as substitute standard on October 15, 1943.

Experiences gained in service and improved knowledge resulted in new construction features, like a differently shaped rubber face piece with an integrated microphone pocket. Made of green rubber it came in three sizes and featured a concealed nose clamp wire plus an improved helmet attachment clip. After production had started, additional rubber baffle flaps were devised as « upgrade sets » in order to eliminate the freezing problems with blocked oxygen-inlet ports. Still, the mask had other deficiencies and was subject to freezing and leakage.


Polaroid « DA » Type 1021 general purpose goggles


Responding to a need of the US Army for a lightweight and economical all-purpose goggle, Polaroid developed the Type 1021. A gray sponge rubber frame holds a single plastic lens, coming from a kit which included clear, green and red tinted specimen. On each side a small hole allowed for air circulation while a black cotton elastic strap fixed the goggles to the wearer's head.

The red lenses were intended for observing tracer ammunition (see also Polaroid Variable Density Goggles), so the 1021 are often referred to as « gunner's goggles ». Due to their lightweight and wearing comfort many pilots prefered this type over the Type B-8.

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