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Type LKpW101 leather winter flying helmet


Fl. Kopfhaube Gr. 57

Baumuster LKpW101

Gerät Nr. 124 - 436 A

Werk Nr. 43-1 K. Hsl

Anf. Z. LN 26618

Juni 1941

Hersteller Deutsche Telephonwerke und Kabelindustrie AG


For a detailed description of the LKpW101 please click here.

This specimen features round shaped, brown coloured bakelite  Mi4c laryngophones (Ln. 26779-2) manufactured by bxo / Deutsche Telephonwerke und Kabelindustrie A.-G., Berlin SO 36. They are joined by their respective chamois-lined leather straps by means of two snap fasteners.

This helmet is reported to have been used by a French pilot in 1945/46 while flight testing captured German Luftwaffe aircraft for the Allied air forces.

OTO (Model 245 ?) flying goggles


Owing to its French provenance, this display comes with a pair of OTO flying goggles. These feature the characteristic two-strap arrangement almost identical to its contemporary "cousins" manufactured by CÉBÉ and Airoptic. Differing from the latter, the bright coloured upper elasticised strap, which can be adjusted by nickel plated clamps with the embossed OTO logo, comes in two segments equipped with hook and ring, while the darker "safety strap" is non-elasticised. Both are attached to the goggle frames with different systems of closable hooks.

The OTO 245 is made of high quality material similar to the CÉBÉ 4000, featuring nickle plated metal frames with incorporated streamlined air vents, the former holding curved clear glass lenses, a hinged nose bridge and a chamois-lined one-piece rubber cushion sewn to the frames. The lenses can easily be replaced by opening the frames aftter removing the upper goggle strap attachment hooks.

The last two pictures show the display with the "safety straps" worn like those with the German Windschutzbrille, i.e. securing the goggles from being blown off the wearar's face in the slipstream of open cockpits.





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