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Aviocair leather flying helmet

Dreyfus Fr., Clichy

Size 56

This hard shell leather helmet is supposed to be a type „Aviocair“ and was reportedly manufactured by Dreyfus Fr., Clichy. Basic construction is similar to the Airaille helmets, but somewhat simpler in design.

The hard outer shell is covered with three segments of dark brown leather. The inner red-brown leather padded lining includes 7 leather fingers for size adjustments. Two small holes at the back provided some aeriation and two goggle strap retainers are sewn on right behind the roll back ear pockets. The latter are sewn in front and can either be fixed by a snap fastener or rolled up open. A leather chin strap buckles up on the right side.


Airoptic flying goggles


The goggles are „Airoptic“, very similar to the CÉBÉ4000, with a one piece chamois lined rubber cushion sewn on nickle plated metal frames connected by a metal central hinge. The two-strap arrangement is also of the same type, but in the whole the goggles are somewhat less „sophisticated“ and of lower quality than their more famous counterpart.


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