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Type LKpW101 leather winter flying helmet


Fl. Kopfhaube Gr. -

Baumuster LKpW101

Gerät Nr. 124 - 436 A

Werk Nr. - Kösrer

Anf. Z. LN 26618


Lieferer: Luftfahrtgerätewerk Hakenfelde


The LKpW101 entered production in 1938 parallel to its summer counterpart, the LkpS101, and used the same basic pattern like its predecessor. The new series featured largely imroved electronics and comfort for the wearer, the latter not to be underestimated, especially during long missions.

The main new features of this brown leather, fur lined Siemens radio helmet manufactured by Luftfahrtgerätewerk Hakenfelde were newly shaped, leather covered rubber earphone housings and a much more comfortable arrangement for the round/oval type Mi4b black colored laryngophones (Ln. 26779-2). These were plugged into the aircraft's communication system by means of a 4-pole Brechkupplung BN  BLKv Fl27560. The loom's length lies somewhere between the standard long and short looms, so might have been cut down to its present length at some time during or after its career.

Model 306 Fliegerschutzbrille


This specimen was manufactured 1941 by the Auer company in Berlin, indicated by the embossed "AB 1941" on the left frame, with brass frames and large curved lenses in seperate rubber face-pads around each eye. 

The adjustable bridge features two small screws set in a sliding channel between the two eyepieces.




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