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Friitala 1930's


1930's style Friitala leather flying helmet, Ilmavoimat  

This Finnish summer flying helmet is constructed of five leather segments around a center strip which features a goggle retaining strap at the rear, with another two (one is missing) attached to the front segments near the temples.

Two earflaps covering the ear openings are buttoning to the rear, while an additional stud on each side allows the latter to be rolled and fixed towards the front.

The large leather chinstrap can be adjusted by two rings on the wearer's right cheek. This is a typical feature of flying helmets manufactured by Friitala, and can also be seen on the type Lp/T flying helmet. 

The inside of the helmet features a comfortable and sophisticated quilted green cloth lining.

The helmet is shown with a pair of Resistal type NMR goggles, which are identical or at least very similar to those shown on the pitcure of the Finnish WWII glider tow.

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