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RCAF zip ear helmet, 2nd type


Like its predecessor, the second type of RCAF zip ear helmet was based on the RAF Type B flying helmet, retaining the adjustable split rear and heavy padding from its British cousin, but replacing the Bennet buckles with simple prong buckles.

Made of soft russet brown leather and chamois lined the number of panels compared with the RCAF first type was reduced and thus provided a better fit.

The helmet was factory issued without the zip-up ear receiver compartments which came as a separate kit.

These helmets were used by Canadian aircrew and British student pilots training in Canada.


Resistal flying goggles Model NMR

The former Resistal WWI design was adapted during the immediate post war years for higher speeds and altitudes in still open cockpits. Hinged aluminium frames with teardrop shaped laminated safety lenses were now combined with a wide one piece sponge rubber cushion which replaced the WWI era fur trim, and a simple adjustable elastic strap.

Initially they had been produced under US Navy Specification Schedule 8936 and were issued to US Naval aircrew during the 1920's and 1930's where they proved very popular.

During WWII the Resistal model NMR goggles were used by tanker crews, and RCAF aircrew in particular.


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