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Type Lp/T leather flying helmet, Ilmavoimat  

The Finnish Air Force « Ilmavoimat » operated many German aircraft types prior and during WWII, thus German pilot equipment saw widespread use.

The Fins modified, adapted and improved many of those imported items, while in parallel designing their own specific flight gear.

This flying helmet is constructed of reddish brown leather and is essentially based on the German LKpW series. Made by the Finnish company Friitala the designation Lp/T stands for Lentopäähine/talvi = Flying Helmet / Winter.

It is equipped with hooks for a three strap oxygen mask attachment and features two button-up goggle retainer straps at the rear. The main difference consists of an adjustable single leather strap which is attached to the left and buckles to the right by means of two metal rings.

Comunication is provided by means of German Luftwaffe electronics, S.Mi4b Ln 26779-2 laryngophones and a cable marked VPP-4TL. It features the typical Finnish earcup covers made of aluminium.

Photographic evidence shows the Lp/T in service with the Ilmavoimat from 1943 - 44 onwards.

A summer version designated Lp/K (= kesä) was made of fabric similar to the German LKpS series.


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