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Type D, second pattern, tropical flying helmet

Stores Ref. No. 22C/969-972

The second pattern of the Type D, introduced in 1944, featured similar improvements like its Type C counterpart: mask attachment clip on the right side, front goggle straps omitted and elasticized webbing chin strap.

As with its predecessor there were various intermediate versions, still unwired but with the same improvements.

Mk VI flying spectacles

Stores Ref. No. 22C/882


Looking for a simplified design of lightweight spectacles to be used by aircrew in tropical areas, tests with ski-goggles were executed and considered successful. Due to insufficient war supply of sky-goggles, though,  the idea had to be discarded and eventually production of the Type VI was ordered, instead.

This was done by Polaroid and the spectacles consisted of a plastic frame with folding side shields, polarized lenses and an elastic head strap.


Type E* oxygen mask (modified Type E)

Stores Ref. No. 6D/473 

This specimen is interesting due to the fact, that its mask body wears the moulded early Stores Ref. No. 6D/473 which belonged to the initial production Type E masks.

Unissued stocks of the early mask bodies were at a time recalled from squadron stores by Air Ministry order to be modified to Type E* standard.

It is equipped with a Type 26 electro-magnetic microphone (10A/12570) and connected to a pair of RCAF receivers marked REC. C-3, 10A/3698, N.E. CO.





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