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The staged picture below, taken in 1977, shows Fliegerstaffel 17 Mirage IIIS pilots.

They wear - instead of the standard "Pilotenkombi 50" – a camo "Panzerkombi" ("tanker overall") with CSU-13A/ P anti-g garments. Note the mix of H-5 and Gueneau 316.


The Panzerkombi was tested during 1977 as a possible means to improve the chances of escape and survival in case of ejection over enemy territory.

Archive A.Pellanda


SAF archive Dübendorf

March 04th 1977, after an air combat training mission, while on landing circuit two Mirage III (one S and a BS) collided near Payerne AFB. All the crews were able to punch out, everybody survived. At least one of the pilots, here photographed immediately after his successful bail out, was wearing a "Panzerkombi".

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