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Early (LH) and late (RH) issue.

Close-up of two versions of the notepad holder and pencil holders, sewn to the anti-g garment. Snap-on buttons applied to the LH one were used to secure a dictaphone connected to comms -  see below .   


AIWA (top) and  Dictaphone (bottom) micro cassette recorders, used as "Cockpit Voice Recorders". Both devices were tested and selected due to their capability to withstand to g-forces mantaining good recording quality.

Anti-g trousers were modified with Velcro strips in order to secure the comm adapter and run the cables through.

in the early anti g throusers he recorder pouch was secured left of the notepad by snap on fasteners and a velcro pad, by new ones of on the Velcro strips applied to the thigh, usually on the left leg.    


The CSU-3A/ P R/H leg rear side holster for the issued aluminium frame 7.65 Walther PPK-L pistol (“Fliegerpistole 65”).

In case of ditching, a small nitrogen-filled bottle could be fired to pressurize the anti-g garment which could then be used as a flotation device.

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