As its name suggests, the "Pilotenkombi 50" ( Flight Suit 1950) made its appearance in the early 1950s.

Made of grey non-fireproof cotton, it was used until the 1980s when it was replaced, at the beginning only for the professional UeG pilots, by the CWU-27.


The "PKombi 50" continued to be distributed to militia pilots until the late 1980s. 

Early version.

Later version.

Based on a relatively old-fashioned flight suit concept, the Pilotenkombi 50 did not undergo major design changes throughout its service life, exceptions in the late versions are the adjustable waistband, pocket and rank plate holder Velcro fasteners instead of button or snap-on ones.   

Early version metallic plate stapled to the zipper right flap shows the inseam measure, in recent ones also the suit size.

Common to all suits the armpit ventilation; "loaner" suits had applied tags bearing the storage location.