After the cancellation of the local P-16 fighter-bomber project, the Swiss Government decided to purchase a series of 100 Hawker Hunters.

Taken directly from RAF inventory, the first 12 aircrafts were “standard” Mk.6s and had only a few dozen hours to their credit.

On 3 April 1958, Hans Häfliger ferried the first Hunter (J-4001, ex RAF XE536) from Dunsfold to Emmen.


In the following two years, other 88 aircrafts produced and flown to Switzerland.

Talking with Mr Haller of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation.

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The equipment of Häfliger (26 ferry flights), Brunner (39) and their colleagues was a mix of Swiss, American and British material:

In the pictures of the era, “Pilotenkombi 50” , MB-2 flight suit, not modified H-5 helmets fitted with H-Type or A-13 A oxygen mask and British life preserver 22c/1350 or 22c/1741 can be recognized. In most cases, pilots wore city shoes.

According the pictures, we tried to reproduce the equipment worn by Hans Häfliger when ferrying Hunter J-4001. 

Under the MB-2 suit, our pilot wears a wool pullover;  a Sportex H-5 (not yet modified with the "gullwing cut") provided with an

A-13 A oxygen mask, life preserver 22c / 1350 (Waistcoat, Life Jacket, Aircrew, Mk. 3).


He has already worn the ejection seat leg garters and wears city shoes.

We added an “Effektentasche” with  maps, documentation and personal items. 

In the above and below pictures, our Frankenstein & Sons 22c/1350 "Waistcoat, Life Jacket, Aircrew, Mk. 3" and MB leg garters.

Hans Häfliger with (left) Bill Bedford, and unknown person 

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Below - The life vest inflating bladder markings; date of manufacture,  September 1961.

According to the handmade writings, this particular life vest, supposedly during a period of its "service life", was assigned to the RAF 20 MU (Maintenance Unit) of Aston Down. 

Hans Häfliger in the cockpit of J-4001. Note his (red) not modified Sportex H-5;  fitted to the helmet a "standard" British anti glare Mk.2 visor.

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