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The first operative version of the Swiss AF H-5, as it was used on ejection seat equipped jets like the DH.100 Vampire,  DH.112 Venom and Hawker Hunter.


Prior to that SAF pilots flew their jets wearing British C-Type or Swiss "Stoffhauben" , combined with H-Type or A-14 oxygen masks.

This particular helmet was found in a really poor condition, with the comm harness cut, the LH side JJ-048 plug removed, oxygen snap-on fitting leather tabs cutted, at least four layers of paint applied over the USN gold livery - it was used as biker helmet.


The paint layers ( below the second one a "Fliegerstaffel 13" stencil appeared) were removed and it was decided to restore the helmet according the first "Signalrot" color trim applied.


The "Signal red" is the color used to paint national roundels on Swiss AF aircraft. 


Compared to the "standard" H-5 , here is a list of  the implemented  Swiss modifications:


Fitting of a British "Visor, Anti Glare, Mk.2";


Left side oxygen mask snap on fittings leather pad reshaped in     order to optimize   A-14 mask installation;   


Six pole communication plug compatible with aircraft British         standard communication systems;


Rear communication cable exit fitted with a supplemental            leather hose in order to bend and guide the cable to the left; 


A-14 oxygen mask equipped with supplemental diluter valve;


Omission of boom mike "banana mount" due to "jet only"             utilisation.


For more information on the Swiss H-5 click  here.

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