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DH-100 VAMPIRE PILOT, 1954  



Our Vampire pilot is looking at the new „hard hat“ he will soon test in the context of the Air Force’s new helmet evaluation.

He’s wearing a flight suit similar to those used at the time on propeller aircraft, a C-Type leather helmet fitted with H-Type oxygen mask, wool pullover and standard military shoes - the modified model introduced in 1952 without sole hobnails - (in order to avoid damage to aircraft's surfaces...) .


Alternatively, he can use a still available Kneeboard marked “MEWA 1941”

Made of aluminium and felt padded on the back, attached to the pilot’s thigh by means of a leather strap. A pencil can be stored in a small tube leading across the interior of the kneepad. A small clamp prevents the stored pencil from sliding off the tube.

Left - the wool pullover with its (cut) leather tag which carried the pilot identification number.

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