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Swiss modified late pattern Type C leather flying helmet

Having entered a career with the Swiss Air Force, this C-Type was subject to a bunch of modifications.


While the basic construction was not altered or "punched", ANB-H-1 earphones are fitted into American style sewn-on / stud-secured ear pockets. The internal wiring has been modified for both American and British communication equipment. It leads from the receivers into a combined braided/rubber cord arrangement ending into a six-pole plug. In our case an adapter eventually feeds the whole package into a British bell plug. If required, a different adapter would probably end into an American plug.

This arrangement calls for the use of a throat microphone, thus the late pattern C-Type's typical sewn-on mask microphone socket on the left became obsolete and was by consequence removed.

An American or British oxygen mask can be attached by means of a series of studs on the left and a hook on the right.

Additional side-mounted wire loops and an adjustable top center strap provide attachment points for a three-strap oxygen mask, like the Swiss Huggenberger mask shown on the picture on the lower right. The document originates from 1954 and shows the helmet for use with the Swiss C-3603.

After being retired as a combat aircraft by 1952, the sturdy K+W C-3603 was used as a target tug, illuminated target aircraft for anti-aircraft gunners and transport aircraft (dropping wooden cargo containers with emergency equipment) until the early 1970ies.

Due to an imminent lack of Huggenberger oxygen masks in the collection, the helmet is displayed with a modified Type A-14 which has an anti-suffocation valve installed.

The goggles are chamois lined Polaroid No.1065 , while the throat microphone is a T-30 manufactured by shure brothers.

This picture shows a Bücker 131 pilot during a training mission in early 1970. He is wearing a modified Type C helmet with B-8 goggles and a Type A-14 oxygen mask. The latter is used as a microphone carrier (and face protection), as indicated by the missing oxygen hose. A Bückercombi and leather gloves complete the outfit.



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