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Type A-11 intermediate flying helmet, Swiss modified

This helmet shows the standard USAAF features like ANB-H-1 receivers in rubber donuts, a braided Y-cord with a PL354 plug, goggle strap retainers and adjustment strap at the back, plus oxygen mask attachment studs and hook. The Bennet buckle has been removed and a different chin strap which buckles on the left and buttons on the right has been installed.

Although this specific A-11 retained its original brown color, it did not escape "The Puncher". A consistent pattern of small and medium size holes on the central leather segments provide some aeration for the pilot's head under the bubble canopy of a P-51.

We display the helmet in a rather common configuration with a Type  A-14 oxygen mask, B-8 goggles which are marked "Prop. USAAF" and a T-30 throat microphone.

By 1954 the Type A-11 was listed as a winter flying helmet for the North American P-51 Mustang and AT-16 Harvard/Texan.

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