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NAF 1092W


NAF 1092W winter flying helmet

Manufacturer Slote & Klein

Contract NXs-9677


Wearing the Naval Aircraft Factory designation NAF 1092W, this is the winter version of the standard issue flying helmet for US naval aviators and Marine Corps pilots between 1937 and 1943, the goatskin/leather NAF 1092. Constructed of treated shearling with reinforced seams it would normally sport a fleece lined chin cup, which is missing from this specimen. Communication is provided by a pair of TH-37 earphones with a rubbered Y-cord.


Oxygen mask, Type C

Manufacturer  Mine Safety Appliances Co.

Date of production October 1943


The Type C mask is part of the MSA Mk III rebreather system introduced into Naval service in 1942. The soft, chamois lined rubber mask was connected to a green self-contained oxygen supply cylinder by means of a corrugated hose and a heavy rubber pipe. A manually operated, spring loaded stop-valve controlled the flow of oxygen by switching from supplying oxygen to the mask to periodically flushing the system. The mask is fitted to the wearer's head with four straps and is equipped with a Telephonics Type 83  microphone.

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Willson Mk.I flying goggles


The Mk.I flying goggles appeared around 1930 and remained in use throughout WWII. This specimen is kind of an intermediate hybrid between early and late production as it is marked "Willson Pilot Goggles" (=early production) on the browned frames holding green tinted convex lenses, while the one-piece sponge rubber cushion is lined with chamois (=later production).

The later "Mk.I Pilot" called eyewear was also available commercially in the USA and proved very popular in other branches like the USAAF, RAF, British ATA (Air Transport Auxiliary) and the AVG (American Volunteer Group aka Flying Tigers). Furthermore it was manufactured under license in France as the CÉBÉ4000.







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