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USN M-450


M-450 summer flying helmet


Helmets, Summer, Aviator's
Manufacturer H.L.B Corp. N.Y.


Bu. Aero. U.S. NAVY

Specification M-450

Contract No.NOS.


This variation of the M-450 summer flying helmet is equipped with red MC-114 sponge rubber earphone cups.

The cups accommodate a pair of Telephonics Corporation Type TH-37 receivers with a 1200 Ohms resistance and a rubberized Y-cord.

Normally the red rubber sponge earcups used for US Navy helmets would be of the TC-66 type. These were specifically designed for the TH-37 receivers and provide a strong and secure fit.

The MC-114 ear cups were designed for headsets equipped with R-14 receivers. In fact, due to their slightly different  diameter and depth, they provide a somewhat unsatisfactory fit for the navy TH-37 receivers.

Fake or not?

Especially during the Pacific War naval aviators and their riggers often relied on whatever was at hand as new equipment could not always be delivered timely as required - just consider the logistic problems due to the vast distances to be covered.

Doubtful "rigger made" naval helmets seem to turn up from time to time and quite a few have been rightly identified as contemporary fakes, or rather "newly made ups" with otherwise original (used or new old stock) components.

This helmet came from a trustworthy source, and although such a combination can neither be confirmed or excluded by 100%, some doubt sure still exists. 

We present this example anyway, just to indicate that in our collecting domain not everything always necessarily is what it seems.

Oxygen mask, Type C

Manufacturer  Mine Safety Appliances Co.

Date of production October 1943


The Type C mask is part of the MSA Mk III rebreather system introduced into Naval service in 1942. The soft, chamois lined rubber mask was connected to a green self-contained oxygen supply cylinder by means of a corrugated hose and a heavy rubber pipe. A manually operated, spring loaded stop-valve controlled the flow of oxygen by switching from supplying oxygen to the mask to periodically flushing the system.

The mask's shape can be adapted do the wearer's face by means of a nose wire. It is fitted to the wearer's head by means of an upper elasticized and adjustable fabric strap. Contrary to the other Type C mask on our website, this specimen features two lower leather straps attached directly to the helmet's chin strap buckles. The mask comes as issued without a microphone. In this case a laryngophone would be needed to provide two-way comunication.

Please check our our other Type C mask with a different strap arrangement by clicking HERE

AN6530 flying goggles


This USN issue pair shows the later production features, like the streamlined vents and the chamois lined one-piece face rubber cushion.


The frames are marked "Patented The Chas Fisher Spring Co. Brooklyn, N.Y."


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