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AN6542-2L summer flying helmet


Manufacturer Slote & Klein

Size Small

Contract No. NXsA - 36914


Being part of the AN6540/AN6542/AN6543 series this helmet is similar to numerous variations which differed among each other only in details, like goggle straps, chin straps / cups and oxygen mask attachment devices.

This unlined cotton flying helmet features several either factory-installed or rigger-added buckles, hooks and stud fasteners covering almost any imaginable equipment. The AN 48440-1 sound-insulating back rubber earcups accommodate ANB-H-1A receivers with a Y-cord and a NAF. 215285-2 plug.



Type A-14 demand oxygen mask


Manufacturer Ohio Chemicals 

Production date September 1944

Spec. No. 3163



Willson U.S. Navy aviation goggle


The so-called All-Rubber Mask, this specimen featuring green plastic lenses,  appeared towards the end of WWII as the Navy's answer to the AAF Type B-8. It was moulded from one piece of soft black rubber with chamois lining along the rolled edge.

Although being of high manufacturing standard, lighter and possibly more comfortable than the B-8, these goggles suffered from a restricted field of vision, crucial during high-speed combat, and reportedly never reached the former's popularity. 




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