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RCAF wired Zip Ear Flying Helmet, 2nd type, modified


Here we feature another wired variation of the helmet, coming from the HPE guest collection.

For a general description of this type of helmet, please refer to this page.

This specimen has the zip-up ear receiver compartments replaced by an installment found on later type helmets, like the C-, D, and E-Type.

It features various studs in order to accomodate later style oxygen masks.

Furthermore four pairs of studs are present on the side and on the back. They may indicate the fitting of a protective collar or similar (draught excluder hood), e.g. while flying in the exposed position of a rear turret.​

Mk. III flying goggles

For a general description of this type of goggles, please refer to this page.

Hi/Lo impedance switch (Stores Ref. No. 10A/13163)

Early USAAF aircraft were fitted with low impedance radios for which the R-14 was designed (identified by the black plug). This was found to be incompatible with British communication equipment which used high-impedence radios. Thus, aircrew were issued those cords with high-low impedance switch boxes for flying in American lend-lease aircraft.

Type E* oxygen mask

For a general description of this type of oxygen mask, please refer to this page.



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