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Type LKpW101 leather winter flying helmet


Fl. Kopfhaube Gr. 55

Baumuster LKpW101

Gerät Nr. 124 - 436 A

Werk Nr. -1 K. Hsl

Anf. Z. LN 26618

Hersteller bxo


For a detailed description of the LKpW101 please click here.

This specimen is yet another variant of the ubiquitous standard Luftwaffe winter flying helmet, featuring in this case round shaped, brown coloured bakelite  Mi4c laryngophones (Ln. 26779-2) with a black plastic cover, manufactured by bxo / Deutsche Telephonwerke und Kabelindustrie AG Berlin. The throat microphones are joined near the wearer's throat by a closure consisting of a canvas strap adjusted by a snap fastener on the right and a friction release buckle on the left. 

It is fitted with provisions to attach all types of oxygen masks, be it a two-strap mask by means of two lateral stud fastenings, be it a three-strap mask by means of two side mounted flat hooks and a concealed adjustable central strap and eylet on the forehead. The loom ends into a BLKv Brechkupplung FL 27560.

Model 306 Fliegerschutzbrille


This specimen was manufactured 1941 by the Auer company in Berlin, indicated by the embossed "AB 1941" on the left frame, with brass frames and large curved lenses in seperate rubber face-pads around each eye. 

The adjustable bridge features two small screws set in a sliding channel between the two eyepieces.







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