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Siemens LKH W leather flying helmet, Swiss modified

The LKH W winter flying helmet probably arrived in the late 1930's  when Germany delivered modern, radio equipped aircraft and the corresponding equipment to the Swiss Fliegertruppe.

After having served  during WWII, this helmet has seen operational service well into the postwar years, as the American earphone plug indicates.

The basic construction of dark brown leather segments shows a strong resemblance to the LKpW100. The brown colored aluminium earphone receptacles, bottom sewn / top buttoning rear goggle retaining straps and interacting leather chin straps which buckle on both sides may mislead the unaware collector.

The ear receiver cord exiting the helmet at the rear through a leather sock is a first giveway that we are facing something different. Just below that lead on the helmet's rear brim we find an internal leather  pocket with three male stud fasteners. These were attachment points for a removable throat microphone. And if there were any doubts left, we find a label sewn on the fur lined interior which readily identifies this specimen as a Siemens LKH W.

As mentioned before, the receiver plug is of American manufacture. A feature which is often found on Swiss flying helmets used post WWII, as many Swiss Air Force aircraft were equipped with American radio equipment, or derivates thereof.

A square metal ring has been fitted to the rear central leather segment with additional three fabric leading loops sewn on at the top and front. Together with the two square wire loops behind the cheeks this indicates the use of a three strap oxygen mask, e.g. the Swiss Huggenberger

Aviatik W.M.42 flying goggles

These goggles are identical to the Aviatik W.M.43, the only difference being the year of manufacture embossed on the goggle strap clasp.




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