-  Gueneau 316 (original configuration) helmet;

-  MBU-5/ P  "green shell" oxygen mask;

-  CWU-27/ P flight suit;

-  GS/FRP-2 gloves;

-  Pilotenschuhe 63;

-  CSU-13A/ P anti-g garment;

-  Effekten/ Pilotentasche (personal effects/pilot bag);

-  BA-22 parachute.

Note: the above picture is taken from the book “Piloten über den Alpen” by Dölf Preisig and Ronald Sonderegger, for educational purposes only in accordance with the Berne Convention, Art. 10.

The CWU-27 suit made its first appearance during the mid 1980's. is quite common to see pictures of pilots issued  with a mix of Pilotenkombi 50, CWU-27, Gueneau 316 and DH-151.

After the transition to CWU-27 suits, the still available Pilotenkombi 50 were issued to militia pilots only.  

During the years, Swiss AF the pilots were equipped with numerous types of locally made pilot bags called "Effekten" or "Pilotentaschen", in order to carry personal equipment, maps, navigation aids or other personal belongings.