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This is a repro of a helmet which can be seen at the Flieger Flab Museum (Museum of the Swiss Air Force and Antiaircraft Defence) at Dübendorf AFB.

It proudly wears the name of the pilot "Heiri Schwyzer" (something like "John Doe") on the visor yoke.


The helmet was fitted to a dummy pilot during ejection seat trials. 


The visor yoke is a "long throw" version, as fitted on P-4s, not impairing the pilot's view.


The MS22001 oxygen mask is connected to the helmet's leather tabs with snap fasteners and  hook.


Built as a pressure demand type, the mask was later modified as a diluter demand type by adding the same valve (the round one on the left side) as the one installed on the British "H Type" (see the Mk.1A helmet).



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