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This was the most common version of the H-5, used on jets, propeller aircraft and helicopters.


This version was the standard headgear of Swiss AF pilots until the mid 1980's. It features the following characteristics:


"Gull wing cut" in the area above the pilot's eyes, in order to           improve visibility;

Improved Internal padding;

British Mk.-2 visor reshaped to match and not interfere with

A-13 A/ MS22001 oxygen mask and receivers;


Installation of cast oxygen mask receivers;   


Single plug comm connector;


Repositioned rear comm cable exit with supplemental leather       hose removed in order to  avoid excessive cable tension; 


Installation of boom mike "banana mount";


This specimen is shown with a MS22001 oxygen mask, the latter being modified with a supplemental diluter valve and the so-called "Röhrli" (Swiss german for "thin hose") hose, suitable for FFW 

C-3605, Pilatus P-2/ 05 and PC-6 Porter oxygen systems.  




Please find more information about the H-5 clicking HERE

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