Calibre                 7,65 x 17 mm
Capacity              7 rounds
Overall length    148 mm
Barrel length      80 mm
Weight                 488 g  (PPK-L)   598 g  (PPK)


In 1964, the SAF bought a batch of 419 PPKs.

415 had alloy frames and intended for use by pilots. The remaining four as well as another 315 pistols received in the early 70s had steel frames and intended for ground personnel. The PPK-L was carried in a pocket sewn to the anti-g trousers, or in the SGP-21 leather suit in the area of the right calf. 





Calibre                 9 x 19 mm
Capacity              9 rounds
Overall length    198 mm
Barrel length      112 mm
Weight                 830 g  (empty magazine)


The sidearm currently in use by all Swiss Army services.

Helicopter pilots and loadmasters are carrying the pistol in a shoulder holster; F/A-18 Pilots can be provided, if required, with a holster to be fitted to their PCU-56 torso harness. 


SIG P220