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M-450 summer flying helmet


Helmets, Summer, Aviator's
Manufacturer H.L.B Corp. N.Y.

Size 7

Bu. Aero. U.S. NAVY

Specification M-450

Contract No.NOS.-96014


This variation of the M-450 summer flying helmet is equipped with hard brown rubber ear cups with their distinctive volcano shape. The cups accommodate a pair of Telephonics Corporation Type TH-37 receivers with a 1200 Ohms resistence and rubber wiring loom.

This variation of the volcano cups came without the noise reducing end-caps. They were believed to cause distortion, thus compromising radio reception quality.


Inside, the helmet is marked "R. J. Ball"


AN6530 flying goggles


This USN issue pair shows the later production features, like the streamlined vents and the chamois lined one-piece face rubber cushion.


The frames are marked "Patented The Chas Fisher Spring Co. Brooklyn, N.Y."


Ancora 1
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