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APH-6  RVAH-7 1968  

RECONATKRON SEVEN originated from Composite Squadron Seven (VC-7) flying P2V-2 Neptunes and AJ-1 Savage from Moffett Field CA and later from NAS Norfolk.


When the squadron moved to NAS Sanford FL in 1955, the designation changed from VC-7 to HEAVY ATTACK SQUADRON SEVEN (VAH-7).

The unit flew the A3D2 Skywarrior until 1961, then transitioned to the new A3J-1 Vigilante nuclear/conventional bomber. In December 1964 VAH-7 was redesignated RVAH-7 when the A3J-1 was replaced by the new RA-5C reconnaissance version of the Vigilante.

W.M. BARNES flew previously combat missions over Korea with VF-53 aboard the USS Valley Forge and over 2500 hrs on A-3 Skywarriors with VAH-8, VAH-4 and VAH-10 from 1965 to 1967.

He transitioned to the RA-5C Vigilante with RVAH-7 in 1968.

This APH-6 belonged to W. M. BARNES at the time he began to fly with RVAH-7.

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