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APH-6  VA-215 VIETNAM 1964


This early APH-6 helmet belonged to CDR Richard J. Licko, commander of ATTACK SQUADRON 215 “Barn Owls”, flying Douglas A-1J Skyraiders from USS HANCOCK (CVA-19) during the 1963 Far East cruise.


From September to November 1963 USS Hancock operated off the coast of Taiwan to cover the political tensions between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China, and later off the coast of South Vietnam to cover the upraising situation following the coup against president Diem.

From December 1964 to March 1966 VA-215 would then take part in the main US operations in South East Asia, starting with Barrell Roll over Laos folowed by Flaming Dart and Rolling Thunder strikes in North Vietnam.



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