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APH-5  VS-37 1960


Sea Control Squadron 37 (VS-37) originated from Anti Submarine Warfare Squadron 871, which actively participated in the Korean War flying TBM-3S/W Avengers from USS Bataan (CVL-29) and later USS Badoeng Strait (CVE-116) until 1953, when the designation was changed to VS-37.

After a period of flying Grumman AF-2s/W Guardians, in 1955 VS-37 re-equipped with the Grumman SF2-1 and SF-2 Tracker.

Starting from 1960, VS-37 was associated with the USS Hornet (CVS-12), participating in several cruises in the West Pacific area. In 1965, 1967 and 1969, the Hornet was deployed off the Vietnam coast.

The ship would then become famous as a recovery ship for the unmanned Apollo Saturn Mission AS-203 (August 1966), plus of course the Apollo 11 & 12 manned lunar missions (July & November 1969).


This particular APH-5 belonged to Lt.(j.g.) M.DUFF of VS-37 aboard USS Hornet (CV-12) during the 1962 WESTPAC cruise which toured Hawaii, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Japan. VS-37 was then commanded by CDR F. W. Silverthorne.


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