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APH-5  VF-14 1966


This APH-5 helmet belonged to Ltjg D.C Hutchinson, a VF-14 F-4B Phantom RIO onboard the USS Franklin D. Roosvelt (CVA-42) during the WESTPAC cruise of 1966.

CVA-42 departed Mayport FL on  June 21st 1966, reaching Yankee Station via Puerto Rico and Rio de Janeiro,  on August 12th.  The ship, with Carrier Air Wing 1aboard, stayed in the war zone until december 27th and arrived back in Mayport on february 21st, 1967.

During this time Fighting Squadron 14 , led by CDR R.L. Kraus flew 967 combat missions with no losses and delivered 651'624 pounds of ordnance.

The VF-14 Tophatters transitionned from McDonnel F3H Demon to McDonnel F-4B Phantom in 1963 and flew the type until 1973 with the arrival of the new Grumman F-14 Tomcat.  

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