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APH-5  VMFA-513 VN 1965


This APH-5 belonged to VMFA-513 “The Flying Nightmares” based at Da Nang within MARINE AIR GROUP 11; from June to October 1965 under command of Lt Col Walter C. Stewart Jr, replacing VMFA-531.


Tail code was WF.

Like his predecessor unit, VMFA-513 main activity was close air support to the Marines in the 1st Corps area of South Vietnam. During August 1965 the Nightmares actively participated to Operation Starlite, the first major ground operation of the war planned around the newly built USMC airbase of Chu Lai, South of Da Nang.

After flying the Douglas F4D Skyray during the last 50’s, the squadron transitioned to the F-4B Phantom in 1963 and flew the type until 1970, replacing it with the revolutionary AV-8A Harrier.


A VMFA-513 F-4B loaded with Mk 81 slick bombs and Zuni rocket launchers.

A Flying Nightmare being loaded with 2.75” rockets launchers and Mk 81 250 lbs bombs. Note early squadron badge cartoon on tail.

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