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Type A-8 summer flying helmet


Size M

DWG. 33-G-5979

AC - Ord. No. 42-932-P

Manufactured by Premium Cap Co.


Introduced in 1933, the A-8 was constructed from four segments of heavy cotton/gabardine fabric, including three goggle retaining straps (one fixed and two with snap fasteners). The white cords allowed to adjust the helmet for a better fit, especially for flights in open cockpits or exposed crew positions.

Initially manufactured without provision for communication and oxygen mask attachments, by the beginning of WWII remaining stocks were factory upgraded to A-9 standard .

These modifications included a fleece-covered leather strap,  which replaced the original brown leather chincup, and 4 to 5 hooks to accept the Type A-9 or Type A-10 Standard oxygen masks. The sides of the helmet were also cut and re-finished in order to improve the fit of these oxygen masks when worn. In this configuration the A-8 remained in service well into WWII, until being declared obsolete in December 1944.


Sunglasses Type D-1


The USAC (United States Air Corps) marked Type D-1 sunglasses, hinged in the centre and equipped with green lenses and arms with wire loops wrapping behind the ears, were introduced in 1935 and designed for enclosed cockpit aircrew. Officially superceded in 1941 they remained in use throughout WWII.


Headset Type HS-33


Communication is provided by a HS-33 headset, marked

MX-41/AR and comprising Western Electric ANB-H-1 receivers with a Kings PJ-055B plug and a HB-7 headband.


Instead of wearing a headset, Gosport receivers or leather pockets for radio receivers could easily be sewn on. 

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