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HGU-2A/P  80th TFS THAILAND 1964

During 1963, the 80th, 35th and 36th TFS moved from Itazuke AB in Japan to Yokota AB, being re-assigned from the 8th TFW to the 41st Air Division.

In November 1964 the 80th TFS moved to Korat RTAFB in Thailand as temporary station duty.


During that year the squadron flew interdiction and recon escort missions over Laos within Operation Barrel Roll. In December a flight of four F-105D's "Thunderchief" (nicknamed "Thud") was sent to Da Nang AB in Vietnam to participate on Barrel Roll missions, using AGM-12 Bullpup missiles, 750 Lbs bombs and FFAR (Folding Fin Aerial Rocket) rockets.

This flight helmet belonged to capt Wayne Ensminger who flew with the 80th TFS from Korat RTAFB in 1964.

Sadly, Capt Ensminger was later killed while flying as FAC (Forward Air Controller) over Laos in 1966.


A heavily censored press photo of a 80th TFS F-105D taken at Da Nang during a Barrel Roll mission in 1964.

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