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Casco radiotelefonico modello M


The Type M is the only known model from the manufacturer Microtechnica. Its resemblance to the German LkpS100 cannot be denied as it combines many features almost identical to its Luftwaffe counterpart with equipment of typical Italian provenance.

The helmet is made of strong green fabric with brown artificial silk lining. A large label is sewn on the back inside the helmet with information about manufacturer, model and size. The individual number of the helmet is marked by an ink stamp.

Noise insulation is provided by two lambwool rings on the inside, and two black painted oval aluminium covers which accommodate the earphone receivers.

A black Y-shaped leather tail at the back of the helmet accommodates the wiring for the Microtecnica laryngophones which are integrated into two adjustable (by means of metal buckles) leather straps connected by snap fasteners under the chin, and the electrical rubbrized connector cable ending in the quadripolar magnetic FEME socket. The oval shaped black  Microtecnica laryngophones wear embossed manufacturer's logos and the designation „microfono mag“. The two chin straps have the same „crossing“ mechanism like the German flying helmets and provide a snug fit to the wearer's head.

Two leather goggle strap retainers which button-up by means of snap fasteners are sewn at the back of the helmet.

Two sewn-on hooks on the side of the helmet provide attachment points for the oxygen mask.

Ratti "Protector" flying goggles


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