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Regia Aeronautica Giusti winter flying helmet

The Giusti company of Rome was one of the official suppliers for the Regia Aeronautica from the 1930s until the end of WWII and its classic designs were often copied by other manufacturers. The basic construction of the Giusti flying helmet was modified and adapted to be used in various climatic conditions.

This winter version, proudly wearing the Giusti silk label on the inside, was made of four sections of soft brown leather with a padded cloth inner lining and a silk brim on the front. A buckle up goggle retaining strap was sewn at the back center of the helmet. The two lateral holes, reinforced by a leather ring on the inside, are covered by the typical sewn-on Italian « snails » which were to accommodate a Gosport style or telephonic communication system. These earpockets could be closed by means of three snap fasteners. The leather chin strap buckled up on the left side of the helmet.

Ratti "Dictator"

The goggles are Ratti « Dictator » with the Ratti logo (a stork), « Made in Italy » and the designation embossed on the metal frames. The latter include curved glass lenses and are hinged by a screw-adjustable center bridge and feature small air vents at the top and at the bottom and separate sewn-on felt-padded rubber cushions. These lightweight goggles are hold in place by a simple adjustable elastizised strap.


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