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Regia Aeronautica summer flying helmet


The summer version of the Giusti helmet is caracterized by its light construction. Reportedly they were either made of strong crimson or white cloth.

This unlabelled specimen has the same basic pattern like the Giusti helmets and is constructed of soft white cloth. The goggle strap retainer at the back and the ear-“snails“ are simplified and the latter feature only one snap fastener per side. The chin strap buckles up on the left.

Fopais flying goggles


The "Fopais“ flying goggles are made by Franchini in Milan. The light metal frames with air vents hold curved plastic lenses, separate sewn-on rubber cushions and are linked by a metal central bridge embossed „FOPAIS – FRANCHINI“.

Two fold-down partially framed tinted plastic lenses are hinged at the top and provide some sun protection. A rubberized adjustable goggle strap is attached to the frames by means of detachable hooks, with the embossed Fopais logo.

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