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Regia Aeronautica Giusti style seaplane helmet


A very nice variation of the Giusti design is the shierling lined seaplane helmet made of red leather. It is unlabelled, so the provenance is not guaranteed.

Being of almost identical construction like the Giusti winter helmet, the main difference consists of the improved, multi-layer chin protection. A narrow chin strap on the left side is fixed to the inner right by a snap fastener. The large chin cup on the right is then closed on the left side by two further snap fasteners just below the buckle. At last, a third (unlined leather) chinstrap on the right is finally buckled up on the left, the whole arrangement providing adequate protection from the elements.



Ratti "Protector" flying goggles


The goggles are Ratti « Protector » with split glass lenses in nickle plated metal frames featuring small air vents at the top and at the bottom. The metal central bridge wears the Ratti logo and brand and is embossed « Made in Italy ». A rubberized one-piece fabric cushion is sewn on the frames while a broad adjustable rubberized strap holds the goggles in place.

Note : this type of goggles was obviously also used in car racing – well into the post-war years, evidence being this picture of Steve McQueen wearing a specimen with tinted lenses.


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