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Type LKpS101 cloth flying helmet, modified, Ilmavoimat  

The Finnish Air Force « Ilmavoimat » operated many German aircraft types prior and during WWII, thus German pilot equipment saw widespread use.

The Fins modified, adapted and improved many of those imported items, while in parallel designing their own specific flight gear.

This specimen consists of a standard Luftwaffe LKpS101 which has received a new middle part of the cloth shell in a slightly different color. Thus, the German labelling has disappeared.

It features a long wiring loom ending in a Brechkupplung marked BLKv FL27560. The laryngophones are of the Type Mi4b and are marked Ln.26779-2. All buttons are marked „Prym“.


Splitterschutzbrille, third pattern (Czech post-WWII copy)


The "fake" splinterproof goggles shown here are of the post-war type manufactured in the Czech Republic. While we are waiting for a pair of original Finnish flying goggles to turn up (…), we feature this specimen in order to show the strong resemblance to original Luftwaffe Splitterschutzbrillen.

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